NUSCH.ZONE is a product developed by Network Service Holdings HK Limited (NWS), a privately held and independent telecom service provider.

NUSCH.ZONE combines multiple communication routes in one single APP utilising best quality HD audio quality with little interference and reduced incidence of calls disconnecting.

Make voice calls, video calls and send messages between NUSCH.ZONE APPs for free on your WiFi/data plan.

Make NUSCH.ZONE outgoing voice calls and send SMS message to friends, who are not on NUSCH.ZONE for up to 90% less than any of the three big social network players. Keep in mind that on top of this we offer the best HD audio quality. No fading sounds, cracking or disconnecting. It is the best call quality ever, sounds like you are calling a friend next door.

NUSCH.ZONE internet to mobile phone calls and mobile to mobile calls either local or international are at the lowest rates on offer from any provider.

When the "Roam Mode" is enabled in fall of 2016, the NUSCH.ZONE will help you make significant savings on international and local calls when you travel overseas. You keep your mobile phone, your mobile number and your incumbent SIM. NUSCH.ZONE will take the hassle out of changing SIMs and numbers.

Sign up and enjoy the benefits of NUSCH.ZONE. This is potentially the best all-round solution to lowering local, international and roaming charges. Try it for yourself and we will reward you with a small amount to spend on call charges whilst using the NUSCH.ZONE.